Investment, either local or foreign, has come to be widely recognized as a major potential contributor to growth and development. It can bring capital, technology, management, know-how and access to new markets. In comparison with other forms of capital flows it is also more stable, with a longer-term commitment to the host economy.


The UAE has an open economy with one of the world’s highest per capita income and with a sizeable annual trade surplus. Although the UAE is just 40 years old, it has built itself into a global player through vision and leadership, with recognized stability in political, economic and security issues. Since 1973 we have undergone a profound transformation to a modern country with a high standard of living. The UAE economy is considered to be among the Gulf’s most liberal with no foreign debt, and is widely credited for being the most diversified in the region.


As a GCC member nation, UAE have a highly developed commercial, legal, financial and educational system. With vast economic potential and sophisticated infrastructure, such as airports, ports and free zones, which combined, have supported the investment environment and boosted foreign investors’ confidence in its economy.


UAE are blessed by our superb location for international trade, which makes it a natural gateway into the other GCC Countries of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman. The attractive investment environment, which built a global reputation in an unprecedented length of time, demonstrates how global business thrives with visionary leadership and commercial cooperation.


UAE see the flow of foreign investment continuing in the years to come and will continue to work to ensure that the UAE remains the region’s most attractive destination for foreign investment. The UAE is committed to maintaining its policy of economic openness, as well as actively seeking to develop economic projects that are in harmony with the changes taking place in the world. Initiatives such as improved credit and loan provision, and major public investment project expansion measures will continue to build the positive economic growth of the country, although the current economic environment means that that we must work hand in hand to multiply our efforts, as we rise to meet both today and tomorrow’s economic challenges.


Although the volume of investment might contract as a result of the restructuring of global businesses, the UAE government launches initiatives and incentives to boost its investment environment, not only to attract strategic foreign investments but also to add value to the existing business community, and provide a stable and attractive business environment.


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